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Welcome to the Faculty of Dentistry at the Sinai University, Kantara Branch

 I have much pride in our reputation for educational excellence at the regional level.

By joining us, you will have an innovative and modern learning experience. We strive to develop the skills of graduates who gain knowledge throughout their working lives and who adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards.

Sinai University provides an ideal and stimulating environment for study, work, and life The impact of oral health on public health is a well-established scientific constant, and for this, it is exciting to join our profession today. In addition to dental care, it becomes imperative for the dentist to be familiar with both oral and body health.

 Sinai University was established by Presidential Decree No. 363 of 2005 by the provisions of Law No. 101 of 1992 and was replaced by Law No. 12 of 2009 regarding private and civil universities and the executive regulations issued by Presidential Decree No. 302 of 2010, while the Sinai University, the Kantara branch and the College of Dentistry were built in 2015. Since then, we have been keen on the continuous growth of the college and we have been providing a bright future for our graduates. Our college is now continuing to grow and progress towards preparing integrated postgraduate programs in various clinical and research disciplines.

Under the supervision of an experienced group of faculty and supervisors, we are confident that we will play a pivotal role in supporting the dental process in the country. Its research activities focus on finding radical solutions to oral and dental health problems, and our continuing education program provides a variety of short dental courses.

Also, the university dental hospital is being prepared in Al-Kantara Sharq, Ismailia Governorate, and it is an integral part of the college, and it is equipped with the latest medical equipment and devices. What makes the hospital take care of the teeth for the local community, as well as provide care and awareness programs for remote areas of the state through the work of medical convoys

 Our students are talented and motivated with the prerequisite for success. The Student Association of Dentistry at the University of Sinai, Kantara Branch, play an active and effective role at the regional and international levels and is a fertile ground for the rehabilitation and training of future leaders in the field of dentistry.

While there is still a lot to do, we are ready to face the coming challenges and lead the change.

Always looking forward to joining us.

Professor Gehan Fikry Mohamed

Vice President of Sinai University for Kantara Branch Affairs and Dean of the College

Department Staff

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Is to seek excellence in teaching, research, and scholarship and contribute significantly to the national and international community.

To be a first class in dental field, providing excellence and innovation in teaching, research, improving the way of thinking and the clinical abilities of the students and give them a broad knowledge to be able to compete with graduates of the greatest universities in the world.

All the faculty clinics are climate-controlled and fully equipped with state-of-the-art projectors and radiology units. The department of Dentistry contains a production lab, an X-ray lab, 2 dummy head labs, 2 dental simulation labs, and 5 dental clinics.

Practical side in dentistry faculty is one of the edges and benefits to our students. The fully equipped dental clinics serve more than 1K patients yearly that gives the students an edge in the practical side and accomplish CSR goals in Kantara regions.

Become a SU-ian now and let us lead you to a future of great success.

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